Take One Picture Programme 2023

Our school took part in the Take One Picture programme in the Autumn and Spring term 2022/23. Take One Picture is a national programme in partnership with the National Gallery for primary schools, which aims to inspire a lifelong love of art and learning.

Every year, one picture from the National Gallery collection is used to inspire cross-curricular work in classrooms. All pupils will take part in the four project stages. The project uses an investigative approach and the projects are shaped by child-led research.

Take One Picture Project Stages

Stage 1

Planning your project

Stage 2

Working on your project

Stage 3

Submitting your project

Stage 4

Exhibiting your project

At Little Waltham we were delighted to work alongside local artist, Mr Mackenzie to produce collaborative class art-work in addition to the individual and group work produced within the classroom. Each class had dedicated workshop sessions with Mr Mackenzie working with mixed media to create a collective class art piece.

The focus painting for the 2024 National Gallery Exhibition is ‘Surprised!’ by Henri Rousseau:

‘A flash of lightning and a clap of thunder, a tiger crouches in thick jungle foliage with its back arched and teeth bared – but is it the hunter or the hunted?’

Our pupils discussed, debated and developed their ideas together to create a rationale behind their art. Our Year 6 pupils discussed the painting in depth and were inspired to create artwork around the theme – ‘Concrete Jungle’ – focusing on animal extinction and the destruction of animal habitats.

Our art exhibition to parents and our school community took place in our school hall on Friday 6 January 2023.

Take a look at some of the fantastic artwork produced in our gallery below: